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IEEE AS­RU 2023: In­vited lec­ture by R. Häb-Um­bach

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On December 16-20, 2023, the IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding (ASRU) Workshop took place in Taipeh, Taiwan, see www.asru2023.org. This bi-annual workshop is the flag-ship workshop of the Speech and Language Technical Committee of the IEEE. This year, the local organizers were the Academia Sinica, the National Tsing-Hua University, and the Association for Computational Linguistics and Chinese Language Processing.

Prof. Häb-Umbach had been invited to deliver an "invited talk" at the workshop. In his presentation on "Multi-talker Meeting Transcription", which was attended by some 300 participants, he gave an overview of the state of research in meeting transcription.

This comprises the tasks of speech enhancement, in particular the separation of overlapped speech, of diarization to enrich the transcription with information about who spoke when, and, of course, of the transcription of speech into text. In his presentation he took the opportunity to also present the work of his team at Paderborn University

Prof Jen-Tzung Chien from the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taipei, Taiwan, and R. Häb-Umbach after the talk.