Stu­dent course feed­back

The Electrical Engineering student council (German website) is the representative body for all students in the field of Electrical Engineering and can be found in room P1.5.16.1. Here, students organise numerous activities for their communities, mostly on a voluntary basis, and try to make life as pleasant as possible for their studies. These include introductory events for first-year students, tutorials for exam preparation, exam lending and the organisation of festive activities, and much more.
Directly next to the student council (room P1.5.16.2) is the E-Laboratory where students can do handicrafts, experiments and repairs under competent supervision. There is a regular collective ordering of components and equipment, in which anyone can participate.
An evaluation of the lectures and practicals takes place once a semester.

And anyone who simply needs a coffee between events, wants to get to know new fellow students or wants to get involved themselves is welcome to drop by in P1.5.16.1.