Gen­er­al Stud­ies (Ex­tra­cur­ricular Stud­ies)

With the introduction of the Bachelor's/Master's programmes, the General Studies programme was integrated into all study plans. It is intended to broaden the student's horizon of knowledge, provide an insight into other disciplines and improve the students' general education.

Within the framework of the General Studies programme, subjects can be selected from the entire range of courses offered by the university. Care must be taken to ensure that the individual subjects are each completed with a subject examination, so that the credit points are certified and that the required total number of credit points is achieved.

It makes sense to choose subjects that complement your studies and create a good foundation for your future career. In the course catalogue (PAUL), a separate section has also been created for the Studium Generale (General Studies (Extracurricular Studies)), in which all faculties can offer courses specifically suited to the Studium Generale (General Studies (Extracurricular Studies)).


For enrolments from the summer semester 2016 onwards in the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering programme, courses for the General Studies programme must be taken from non-Electrical Engineering fields.