Trans­fer of stud­ies to the Uni­ver­sity of Pader­born - Re­cog­ni­tion of ex­am­in­a­tion res­ults

Students who change their field of study and/or their university location can have their study and examination achievements credited, provided that they are equivalent. This applies in particular to the commencement of a Master's study course after successfully completing a Bachelor's study course at another university.

The credit points and grades according to the ECTS (European Community Course Credit Transfer System) serve as a guideline, especially in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes. Information on the contents and scope of the respective courses can be found in the module handbook or the examination regulations of a study programms. Recognition is decided on by the responsible examination board of the institute together with the relevant university teachers. Further details are regulated by the examination regulations of the respective course of study.

In addition, the Electrical Engineering study advisory service can provide an initial, non-binding assessment regarding the creditability of examination credits before a corresponding application is submitted to the examination board.