Liv­ing in Pader­born

Once you have decided to study in Paderborn, you will probably be faced with the tiresome issue of where to find accommodation. You will be concerned about how to find adequate accommodation, which costs will arise, whether you prefer shared or single rentals, student residences or private rented accommodation in the city centre, the local index of private housing rental prices, and so on.
Most issues you will have to decide for yourself, but the following links might be helpful in making the right decision. 

Local Index of Private Housing Rental Prices

According to the Tenants Organisation of OWL as of 01.01.2013, the standard local index of private housing rental prices varies between 4.25 € and 7.00 € per sqm for private rented homes in Paderborn depending on the age of the building, its equipment and location.

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Student Residences

The Student Services Corporation (Studentenwerk) in Paderborn also operates their own residences, presently providing over 1,000 places, with different kinds of accommodation reaching from single or twin apartments to single rooms in a 4-bedroom flat-share.

Currently, there are five different residences:

  • Peter - Hille - Weg 11
  • Peter - Hille - Weg 13
  • Alois - Fuchs - Weg
  • Vogeliusweg
  • Residential Home and Boarding House Quarter Mersinweg

For more detailed information see (in German):

The Paderborn Housing Market Portal

On this housing portal landlords are invited to advertise rooms and properties ranging from the sub-tenancy of rooms to larger flat-share lettings. Besides launching a major advertising campaign for this portal, all first-semester students will be notified of this portal when receiving their registration documents. (in German)

More helpful links to find accommodation:

Local Newspapers:

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