Funding possibilities

For many students, studying is a financially limited and "modest" time. Many move out of their parents' home and now have to pay for living expenses such as rent, food or even a car (in some cases) themselves. A stressful and demanding course of study can necessitate the taking up a side-line job to a limited extent, in order to provide a financial cushion. For many students, there are also increasing conflicts of interest between studies and a side-line job: On the one hand, there are important lectures, projects or exams to be attended and, on the other hand, a few more hours have to be spent earning money. This often leads studies being neglected at a crucial point subsequently to the duration of studies being extended.

One way to get through your studies with financial security is the so-called BAföG. The amount of monthly BAföG support depends predominantly on the income situation of the parents as well as their owned assets. In order to get a first, non-binding assessment of the possibility of BAföG support, the BAföG “calculator” is available online. By entering a few key figures about the person, (planned) studies and parents, the BAföG calculator can calculate an initial estimate of the amount of support. If you want to have a legally binding and accurate statement on BAföG, you should submit an application to the responsible BAföG authority (Paderborn Student Services) in good time before the start of your studies (for payment in October at the latest by 10.09.)

Public or private scholarships offer a further possibility of financial support for studies. The OWL Study Funding has existed for several years now, and is specifically for the region of East Westphalia-Lippe. This scholarship network is linked to the Germany Scholarship and offers attractive funding opportunities specifically for students of the University of Paderborn. In addition to extensive financial support (currently 360€ per month), there is also ideal support in the form of seminars and workshops, network meetings and company contact meetings. The application period is in winter and spring of each year. The sponsorship begins for the following winter semester. Pupils who will begin their studies in Paderborn can also apply for support from the 1st semester onwards. Further information can be found on the OWL Study Funding website.

In addition, the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics (EIM) at the Paderborn University offers a support network for particularly high-performing students of the faculty. The so-called Support for Talent - Programme of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics (EIM) is an ideal scholarship which is awarded to students in the 3rd semester who have distinguished themselves in the first two semesters by outstanding academic achievements. The aim of the programme is to support students in their studies and to prepare them for an academic career or doctorate. The targeted arrangement of top-class stays abroad in leading research institutions and companies is also a funding priority. The current contact person for students in the Electrical Engineering study programmes is Prof. Dr. Schreier.

For students of the University of Paderborn who would like to spend one or more semesters abroad during their studies, the International Office is the appropriate contact. Through numerous partner universities on all continents there are various financially supported exchange programmes for our students. In addition to financing foreign tuition fees (which can be very high, especially in Great Britain, Australia and North America), the International Office generally also provides grants for travel expenses and language courses. You can find current exchange programmes and contacts on the website of the Paderborn International Office. is highly recommended as a search portal for scholarships in Germany. The search portal is operated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and currently contains almost 700 public, party and private or corporate scholarships. In addition to purely financially oriented scholarships, support is also provided specifically for stays abroad in the form of internships or semesters abroad. Well-known and large corporations also offer various support programmes. In addition to providing financial support, these are often aimed at long-term cooperation between the company and the scholarship holder, e.g. in the form of final theses or a later position placement.

At European or international level, the search portal can also help you find scholarships. In particular, it lists international exchange and study programmes that have appropriate financial and/or other kinds of support. Although the portal focuses on scholarships within the EU, it also lists exchange programmes on all continents and especially in the American region.

The promotion scholarship for experienced individuals is a Federal Government grant and is aimed at specialists with vocational training and at least two years of work experience. Applications are possible even before commencing studies and until the end of the second semester.

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