(Ger­man) Fed­er­al Law on Sup­port in Edu­ca­tion (BAföG) per­form­ance cer­ti­fic­ates in the sub­ject Elec­tric­al En­gin­eer­ing

A BAföG performance record is required by anyone applying for BAföG funding for the first time or as further funding in a Bachelor's programme from the fifth or later semester onwards. For funding in the first four semesters of the Bachelor's programme and in the Master's programme, no academic achievements need to be proven.

The proof of performance for the application for continued funding after the 4th semester (Bachelor) certifies either the achievements that were achieved by the end of the 4th semester or correspondingly lower achievements that were achieved by the end of the 3rd semester. The latter can avoid delays in the application or continuation of payment. At the bottom of the page it is stated which academic achievements in Computer Science programmes must be certified. When entering or re-entering BAföG funding in the 6th or higher semester, correspondingly higher academic achievements must be proven. The respective chairperson of the examination board is responsible for processing the application. Information on the proof of academic achievement can be found on the website of the Studierendenwerk (Student Serices) Paderborn.

On the website of the Paderborn Student Services (Studierendenwerk Paderborn) you will find information on BAföG and how to apply. General information on BAföG can also be found at:

NEW: If you have completed the study achievements for the 3rd or 4th semester as listed below, you can obtain a certificate from the Central Examinations Office (with date, stamp and signature) confirming that you have achieved the total number of ECTS points and submit it directly to the BAföG Office. In this case you do not need to submit another form.

If you are not sure whether your academic achievements are sufficient or whether other achievements could be recognised instead of missing ECTS credits, please consult the respective chairperson of the examination board during his or her office hours. Please bring a grade certificate from the Examinations Office with you.

For continued sponsorship from the 5th semester onwards, a one-time proof of the academic achievements acquired by the end of the third or fourth semester (up to 31st March or 30th September) must be submitted. It is still accepted if an examination is scheduled shortly thereafter or the results are not announced until later.

No proof of academic achievement is required for sponsorship in the Master's programme; admission to the programme is sufficient.

Students who receive BAföG at the end of the Bachelor's programme and continue their studies in the Master's programme can also be funded in the Master's programme according to BAföG, as these Bachelor's and Master's programmes are consecutive. No further proof of performance is required apart from admission to the Master's programme.

However, completed enrolment in the Master's programme is a prerequisite for BAföG funding. Proof that all requirements for the Master's programme have been met (and therefore courses in the Master's programme can be taken) is not sufficient. A gap in BAföG funding may occur between the completion of the Bachelor's programme and the formal commencement of the Master's programme at the beginning of the following semester. According to the BAföG office, this cannot currently be avoided by an otherwise desirable transitional arrangement.

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