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Two international Students at work Foto: Alepker Imanov Show image information

Two international Students at work Foto: Alepker Imanov


Invitation to the next Plenary Meeting on February 11, 2016

| Dear ESE students, it is almost the end of the lecture period of the winter semester 15/16, we hope that everything is running smoothly with your studies so far. In order to ensure that your studies are successful, we would like to invite you all...

Outstanding Commitment:

| In the New Year's reception of Paderborn University on January 17, 2016 Azharuddin Kazi was awarded the prize for outstanding achievements of international students.

Award for the First German MS ESE Graduate

| Raphael Hermelingmeier was awarded the energy prize by the regional energy service Westfalen Weser Energy.

Welcome Week for International Master Students EIM (CS, CE and ESE)

| Every semester as well as this semester in the faculty EIM we are organizing (in collaboration with the International Office and the ASV, International Student Union) a welcome week for the new international students.

Interesting Offer for Students Who Have Nearly Finished Their Studies

| Three times per year the event "MINT - making your career in Germany" is organized by the consulting company, gpdm mbH, in cooperation with the University of Paderborn and the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit). Please see the...

Master's Theses

| The concluding master’s thesis project is a research assignment where you are expected to apply the theories and skills you have developed in the program. Most of the projects are conducted inside the department of Electrical Engineering and...

MINT - Making Your Career in Germany

| We would like to invite you to the following event "MINT - making your career in Germany". (For more details please click here)  Please note that this program is dedicated to recent graduates and...

MS ESE Student Is Now Representing the International Students of Paderborn University

| We would like to introduce to you the Pakistani student, Azharuddin Kazi , the new president of ASV, the representation of international students at the University of Paderborn.  He is studying the English master's program Electrical...

Welcome Week for New Students of Summer Semester 2015

| On Wednesday, April 1th, 2015 the welcome week starts for new students of the summer semester 2015. An invitation and the key dates were sent out via e-mail to the students who have been accepted for the degree program and a detailed program will be...

Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Application Procedure

| We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the application procedure of the Master’s program in Electrical Systems Engineering (MS ESE). See the FAQ    

Pictures from the Welcome Week of the Winter Semester 2014

| For pictures from the welcome week of the winter semester 2014, visit our facebook profile.

Scholarships for a 5 Months in China

| Due to a new regulation of DAAD foreign students are now eligible for a scholarship to study at a university in a foreign country. GET Lab has a collaboration with the prestigious Beihang-University, Beijing, China, and offers scholarships for a 5...

The Chance to Participate in a Job Hunting Related Counseling and Placement Program

| In cooperation with the „Agentur für Arbeit“ and the “Gesellschaft für Projektierungs-und Dienstleistungsmanagement“, the International Office can give graduates and students in the last phase of their studies the chance to participate in a job...

Welcome Week for New Students of Winter Semester 2014

| On Monday, October 6th, 2014 the welcome week starts for new students of the winter semester 2014. An invitation and a tentative program was sent out via e-mail to the students who have been accepted for the degree program.

Presentations Delivered in the Last Welcome Meeting Are Available Online

| The presentations on the structure of study program and usage of PAUL are now available at the further information page on the electrical systems engineering web site. The links to download the files are given under the header "Information for...

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