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Two international Students at work Foto: Alepker Imanov Show image information

Two international Students at work Foto: Alepker Imanov

Further Information

Information for new students

At the beginning of each semester, there will be an information meeting for all new students that are in their first semester.
The information meeting for the current semester was on October 14, 2015.
Slides from the last meeting:

Information for all students

In regular plenary meetings, all students of the Master's program Electrical Systems Engineering are provided with importan infotmation. The current versions of the presentations and additional documents can be found here:

Help and Support

PAUL Support

Manual Registration of Courses in PAUL

Students who are not able to register their courses in PAUL for technical reasons can use form (click here to download) and submit it to the mailbox next to A2.053.

Furthermore, there is a regular consultation hour:

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martin BoberRoom: 
Monday:10 am-11 am
Tuesday:1 pm-3 pm
Wednesday:9 am-11 am
Thursday:1 pm-3 pm

Further support

At the International Office Mr. Matthias Funayama-Thordsen is responsible  for the English speaking students in the international Master's programs.

He can be contacted in all issues *not* specific to the subject Electrical Systems Engineering, e.g. living in Paderborn.

 Mr. Matthias Funayama-ThordsenPhone number:
V1.208 (Infothek)
Tuesday:10 am-12 pm
Thursday:1:30 pm-3 pm

Further support for students of all international degree programs of the faculty is provided by Ms. Hanan Khoja.

M. Sc. Hanan Khoja (Ms)Phone number:
Tuesday:10 am-11:30 am
Thursday:14 pm-15:30 pm

The University for the Information Society