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Two international Students at work Foto: Alepker Imanov Bildinformationen anzeigen

Two international Students at work Foto: Alepker Imanov


Important Hints

Examinations registration for students

Students have to register for examinations in the Paderborn Assistance System for University and Teaching (PAUL) or in exceptional cases in writing at the Central Examination Secretariat (see Examination Regulations Section 9(1)).

Students can register for examinations only during the respective registration periods. These will be announced in advance via the student mailing list.

Responsible staff at the Central Examination Secretariat:

  • Ramazan Uysal - room: C 2.216, phone: 60 - 42 30, fax: 60 - 38 05 (Team Supervisor MB, EIM)
Withdrawal from examinations for health reasons
  • If a candidate cannot take an examination for health reasons, a medical certificate and an informal application of withdrawal must be handed in immediately, but no later than 5 workdays (Saturday is a workday!) after the examination date. The medical certificate must contain an assessment of the student’s unfitness to take the examination and must be dated no later than the date of the examination. Students can withdraw from a written examination without giving a medical certificate up to seven days before the written examination.

  • If the student’s illness does not permit him or her to submit the medical certificate in time, he / she must appoint someone to do this for him / her. If this is not possible either, the student has to call and inform the Central Examination Secretariat. It is always better to get in touch with the Central Examination Secretariat, no matter how, than to do nothing or get in touch too late.

  • This rule applies according to section 13 (2) of the Examination Regulation for Electrical Systems Engineering.
Acceptance of examinations taken at other universities or in other degree programs

Examinations taken at other universities, domestic or abroad, before starting studies at the University of Paderborn may be credited given the corresponding equivalence with examinations in the degree program Electrical Systems Engineering. As a first step, the work achieved (examinations) at the home university has to be compiled and submitted to the Examination Board.
An informal application for recognition has to be filed for a definite recognition. To submit the application the following documents have to be sent by e-mail to ms-ese[at]

  • Informal application for recognition of examinations on the contact form.
  • For examinations not taken in Paderborn:
    • Official transcripts of the study performances and examinations (original or certified copy) issued by the registrar’s office at the home university.
    • It is beneficial to submit either documents stating the content of the classes you attended which you want to have recognized or links to the respective course descriptions in the internet.
  • In addition for examinations taken abroad:
    • A notarized translation of transcripts / certificates written in a language other than German or English.
    • certification by the International Office about options to recognize study performances / examinations taken at a foreign university.

If the submitted documents are complete, the examinations may be recognized immediately and forwarded to the Central Examination Secretariat. If you have any questions, please also use the contact form.


Examination regulations

Official German versions:

Versions translated to English (respective amendments integrated):

Note: Officially binding are the German versions of the examination regulations.

Module handbook

Please check out the preamble and module handbook for current information about the modules

Forms and blanks

Contact form for inquiries to the Examination Board Electrical Systems Engineering.

For inquiries regarding the recognition of examinations etc. always include a transcript with the contact form.

Members of Examination Board

  Members Substitutes

Bärbel Mertsching (chair) 
Sybille Hellebrand (vice chair) 
Reinhold Häb-Umbach
Jens Förstner

Christoph Scheytt 
Scientific assistants Markus Hennig Dmitrij Dreiling

Mike Gasenzer
Henrik Titgemeyer

Christian von Germeten
Suraj Joshi

Social Network

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The study program is fully accredited by ASIIN (a member of the Washington Accord).

The accreditation was recently extended until September 24, 2024. The new certificate is not available for download, yet.

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