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Fachgebiet Datentechnik (DATE)
Prof. Dr. Sybille Hellebrand
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Optimized GPU-Accelerated Fault Simulation with Fault Grouping



In today's technology nodes a growing number of chips contain safety-critical components which are used in advanced driver assistance and in future for level 5 full self driving vehicles. The chips used in this area have demanding requirements for long-term reliability which increases the simulation runtime for test validation. Therefore eletronic design automation tools are mostly compute intensive when running circuit simulations and result therefore in a bottleneck, when simulated with multi-million gate designs.

Problem statement

This bachelor thesis focus on implementing an optimized greedy algorithm in C++ that groups parallel computable faults together and therefore optimizes both the runtime of the greedy algorithm and the runtime of the GPU-accelerated fault simulation. Figure 1 shows a simple example of this idea. The evaluation of this work is done by comparing the new implemented algorithm with an existing approach implemented in Java [2].

Solution aspects

  • Literature survey on the problem
  • Implement and evaluate both approaches
  • Using GPU-Simulation
  • Evaluation of the approach by means of simulation


  • Interest in working in a current research project FAST supported by the DFG
  • Skills in C++, git, cmake, (a little bit Java)


  • E. Schneider, "Mulit-level simulation of nano-electronic digital circuits on GPUs" - Dissertation, University of Stuttgart 2019.
  • E. Schneider, S. Holst, M. A. Kochte, X. Wen and H. Wunderlich, "GPU-accelerated small delay fault simulation", 2015 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE), Grenoble, France, 2015, pp. 1174-1179.


Jan Dennis Reimer, M.Sc.
Telefon: 05251 60-3922
Raum: P1.6.08.4


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