IE­EE In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Elec­tric Ma­chi­nes and Dri­ves Con­fe­rence (IEMDC)

This May, at the IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference (IEMDC) held in San Francisco, USA, the LEA department was represented by Barnabas Haucke-Korber, Mario Peña, Maximilian Schenke, and Dr.-Ing. Oliver Wallscheid.

Mr. Haucke-Korber and Mr. Schenke displayed their contribution entitled “Deep Q Direct Torque Control with a Reduced Control Set Towards Six-Step Operation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors” in a poster session and received very enthusiastic feedback. Their article provides a reinforcement-learning control algorithm for PMSMs.

Mr. Peña gave a presentation in the electric drives session on his contribution entitled “Fade-Over Strategy for use of Model Predictive Direct Self-Control with Field Oriented Control”, dealing with a control strategy achieving maximum voltage utilization of PMSMs.

Mr. Schenke also presented as part of the author team of the contribution “Gym-Electric-Motor (GEM) Control: An Automated Open-Source Controller Design Suite for Drives”, introducing an open-source platform for automatic controller design and quick control diagram generation. His presentation took place in the special session chaired by Dr. Wallscheid, entitled “Open Science for Advancing Research and Education of Electric Machines and Drives.”