Elec­tric­Grid.jl - A Ju­lia-ba­sed mo­de­ling and si­mu­la­ti­on tool for pow­er elec­tro­nics-dri­ven elec­tric ener­gy grids

Recently we have published the open-source software “ElectricGrid.jl - A Julia-based modeling and simulation tool for power electronics-driven electric energy grids” which also finished the review process within the Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) now.

The ElectricGrid.jl toolbox provides a transient simulation framework for electric energy grids based on power electronic converters. With a few lines of code, a parameterized electric grid model on component level can be initialized in the programming language Julia. By means of state-space models (set of first order ordinary differential equations), electrical energy grids can be constructed and simulated in a short time, which can be utilized for synthetic data generation (e.g., for data-driven meta-modelling) and to compare grid control methods (e.g., based on classic feedback control but also using data-driven reinforcement learning).

The open access JOSS article is here:

The GitHub repo is here:

Thanks to everyone from the project team who contributed to the software and the article: Daniel Weber, Jan Stenner, Septimus Boshoff, Marvin Meyer, Vikas Chidananda, Oliver Schweins, Sebastian Peitz. Great team, great milestone achieved!




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