New staff members at the Department of Communications Engineering

We warmly welcome Alexander Werning and Frederik Rautenberg as new staff members at the Department of Communications Engineering.

Alexander graduated from the University of Paderborn with a bachelor and master degree in computer science. Already during his studies he had worked as a student assistant in communications engineering. In his master thesis he developed multi-channel speech signal enhancement methods for automatic transcription of conversational situations. As part of a BMBF project, he will now work as a PhD student on self-supervised learning of representations of speech and general audio signals.

Frederik moved to the University of Paderborn for a master's degree in electrical engineering after completing his bachelor's degree at the FH Südwestfalen in Meschede. He also wrote his master's thesis at the Department of Communications Engineering, on a topic related to blind source separation. As a PhD student, he is now part of the "Constructing Explainability" transregio, and he is researching voice conversion methods to help phoneticians explain voice characteristics.

We at the department are happy about this reinforcement and wish them much fun and success in there work.

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