Com­puter Ar­chi­tec­ture


The lecture gives an introduction to the structure and design of modern computing systems. In particular, it will be taught how cost-effective and powerful computers can be developed through the efficient interaction of hardware and software.


  • Basic structures of the von-Neumann architekture
  • Performance evaluation
  • Instruction sets and assembler programming
  • Data path and control unit
  • Production line processing (pipelining)
  • Memory organization (especially cache organization, virtual memory)
  • Input / Output
  • ...


  • J. P. Hayes: "Computer Architecture and Organization (3rd Edition)", Boston, McGraw-Hill, 1998
  • D. A. Patterson, J. L. Hennessy: "Computer Organization & Design – The Hardware / Software Interface (2nd Edition)", San Francisco CA, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., 1998
  • J. L. Hennessy and D. A. Patterson: "Computer Architecture - A Quantitative Approach (3rd Edition)", San Francisco CA, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., 2003


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Module group

Computer Engineering (Bachelor): Technische Informatik

Elektrotechnik (Bachelor): Technische Informatik für Elektrotechniker

Informatik (Bachelor): Digital Design and Rechnerarchitektur

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