FAST – Re­li­ab­il­ity As­sess­ment us­ing „Faster-than-at-Speed Test“

Project sponsored by DFG, in cooperation with the University of Stuttgart

State-of-the-art nanoscale technologies allow for the integration of billions of transistors with feature sizes of 14 nm or below into a single chip. This enables innovative approaches and solutions in many application domains, but it also comes along with fundamental challenges. Early life failures are particularly critical, as they can cause product recalls associated with a loss of billions of dollars. A major cause of early life failures are  "weak" devices that operate correctly during manufacturing test, but cannot stand operational stress in the field. While other failure mechanisms, such as aging or external disturbances, to some extent, may be compensated by a robust design, potential early life failures must be detected by tests, and the respective systems have to be sorted out.

As they work properly in the beginning, weak structures must be identified by analyzing the non-functional circuit behavior with the help of appropriate observables. Besides power con­sumption, the circuit timing is one of the most important reliability indicators. In particular, small delay faults may indicate marginal hardware that can degrade further under stress. However, they can be “hidden” at nominal frequency and only be detected at higher frequencies (“faster-than-at-speed test” / FAST). Therefore, the test must be performed with increased clock frequency. However, this in turn creates new challenges, eg. cause by unstabilized circuit outputs ("unknowns"). The work in Paderborn concentrates on methods for the selection of optimal frequencies, test response compactioin in the presence of unknowns and built-in generation of FAST patterns.

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