Op­tic­al Com­mu­nic­a­tion


Literature list Optical Communication ONT A, B, C, D

Lecture notes­


ONT A, B, C, D
Here is a less nicely formatted version which includes intermediate mathematical steps.
Kap. 4: Laser and Photo diodes ONT A
Current issues in optical fiber communication ONT A, B, C, D
For further reading (not mandatory) ONT A, B, C, D
Appendix vectors (in German) ONT A, B, C, D
Appendix matrices (in German) ONT A, B, C, D
Appendix probability theory and stochasics (in German) ONT A, B, C, D

Exam Preparation Exercises

Exam Preparation

Computer programs (Software)


Exercise 1 Reflection and transission at boundaries; Fields in the dielectric slab waveguide (in German) ONT A
Exercise 2 Jones vectors and matrices ONT A
Exercise 3 Complex Poynting theorem, losslessness ONT A
Exercise 4 Dispersion ONT A
Exercise 5 Gaussian impulse in dispersive medium ONT A
Exercise 6 Wave propagation in anisotropic media ONT A
Exercise 7 Optical isolators ONT A
Exercise 8 Anti-reflection coating, directional coupler, Fabry-Perot interferometer ONT A
Exercise 9 Dispersion compensation. ONT A
Exercise 10 Quantum efficiency ONT A
Exercise 11 Optical pulse generation ONT A
Exercise 12 Scattering matrices Repetition
Exercise 13 Noise measurement in optical receiver ONT A
Exercise 14 (in German) Rausch-Güteziffer Repetition
Exercise 15 Chirp parameter in Mach-Zehnder modulator ONT A
Exercise 16 Analog and digital optical transmission ONT A
Exercise 17 Optical amplifier ONT C
Exercise 18 More polarizers and retarders ONT B
Exercise 19 (in German) Polarisationstransformationen ONT B
Exercise 20 Interference of homogeneous plane waves ONT A, B, C, D
Exercise 21 (in German) Rayleigh-Streuung ONT D
Exercise 22 (in German) Laserlinienbreite ONT C
Exercise 23 (in German) Kontradirektionale Modenkopplung (Gitter), see also GRAT2D_n04.m ONT B
Exercise 24 (in German) Polarisationsmodendispersion ONT B
Exercise 25 Polarization evolution of self and cross phase modulation. Solutions: equidistribution_n003.m, pmdf1001.m, SPMXPMpoldependent_n001.m, SPMXPMpoldependent_n011.m ONT D
Exercise 26 Coupler design. Solution software: coupler004_3x3.m, coupler005_4x4.m ONT B
Exercise 27 Dielectric slab waveguide ONT A
Exercise 28 Depolarization ONT B
Exercise 29 Relaxation oscillation of a directly modulated semiconductor laser ONT A
Exercise 51 Tiltes multilayer slab ONT B
Exercise 52 Frequency response of a traveling wave modulator ONT C
Exercise 54 QPSK signal generation and coding ONT C
Exercise 57 Interference detection in phase and in quadrature ONT C
Exercise 58 Polarizers ONT B
Exercise 59 Laser FM response and chromatic dispersion detection. Once you have solved this look here. ONT C
Exercise 60 Measurement and extrapolation of Q factor in binary rgenerator; Matlab file ONT A



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