Doc­u­ments for Prac­tic­al Lec­tures

Optical Coummunication

High-Frequency Engineering

ONT 1: Simulation of Optical Communication (1)

  • Impact of chromatic dispersion and laser chirp on a sinusoidally intensity-modulated optical signal transmitted over various fiber lengths
  • Bit error ratio (BER) of digitally intensity-modulated signal as a function of fiber length
  • Chromatic dispersion compensation
  • BER as a function of bit rate

ONT 2: Linear Optical Data Transmission at 10 Gbit/s

  • 10-Gbit/s data transmission at 1300 nm using a directly modulated DFB laser (DML
  • 10-Gbit/s data transmission at 1550 nm using an externally modulated DFB laser (EML)
  • Polarization mode dispersion (PMD)

ONT 3: Optical Fibers and Lasers

  • Splicing of optical glass fibers
  • Measurement of differential group delay (DGD) of polarization-maintaining fibers (PMF)
  • Operation of a fiber-optic Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI)
  • Measurement of a laser linewidth
  • Rayleigh scattering

ONT 4: Nonlinear Optical Transmission at 10 Gbit/s(1)

  • Transmission over 63 km of standard singlemode fiber (SSMF)
  • Data transmission with high optical power, self-phase modulation (SPM
  • Four-wave mixing (FWM)

ONT 5: Polarimeter

  • Adjustment of given polarizations
  • Recording of a polarization trajectory on the Poincaré sphere
  • Experiment with a polarizer

ONT 6: Optical Amplification

  • Optical amplification using an erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA)
  • Brillouin amplification
  • Optical amplification using semiconductors
  • Optical equalization
  • Amplification spectra, output power spectra, noise figure measurement, optical transparency, dynamic linearity

ONT 7: Optical Modulation Schemes

  • Non-return-to-zero (NRZ) and return-to-zero (RZ) modulation
  • Binary and duobinary modulation
  • 4-IM
  • Dispersion tolerance

ONT 8: Optical Heterodyne Detection

  • Determination of output power and optical frequency of a laser as a function of temperature and pump current
  • Beat signal between two lasers
  • Automatic optical frequency control
  • Multi-phase beat signals
  • QPSK data transmission

ONT 9: Simulation of Optical Transmission (2)

  • Analysis of complex propagation scenarios: Nonlinear effects, multi-wavelength transmission, advanced optical modulation schemes


HF1: Network Analysis

  • Scattering parameter measurement of a coaxial transmission line with different wave impedance
  • Scattering parameter measurement of an isolator and of directional couplers
  • Measuring on an amplifier
  • Amplifier as frequency doubler
  • Matched and unmatched transmission line

HF2: Signal Analysis and Mixing

  • Analysis of a bit pattern with a sampling oscilloscope
  • Measurement of a bit pattern using a spectrum analyzer
  • Harmonics and mixing

HF3: Waveguides and Antennas

  • Scattering parameter measurement of waveguides
  • Measurement on antennas
  • Measurements using free-space waves

HF4: Simulation of high-frequency cirquits

  • Simulation and optimization of high-frequency components and cirquits using the program ADS

HF5: Phase Locked Loop (PLL)

  • Principle of a phase locked loop
  • Control parameter
  • Frequency range for locking
  • Introducing of a dead time