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Abschlussvortrag - Projektarbeit von Angela Glodny und Samra Hrnjicic: "Design und Optimierung eines 3x3 Patch-Antennen-Arrays mit CST STUDIO SUITE und anschließende Untersuchung der Richtcharakteristik" (23. Januar 2017)

| Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen, liebe Studierende, am Montag, den 23.01.2017 gibt es im TET-Gruppenseminar folgenden Abschlussvortrag einer Projektarbeit: Vortragende: Angela Glodny und Samra Hrnjicic Titel: Design und Optimierung eines 3x3...

Seminar presentations: Topics in System Engineering (January 19, 2017)

| Dear colleagues, dear students, This Thursday, January 19, there will be seminar presentations in the TET group seminar: 14:30 - Sunil Kumar Veerappa, title: "Algorithms for numerical root finding" 14:50 - Ehsan Glani, title: "Algorithms for...

Project presentation: "Photonic Crystal Microcavity" (January 12, 2017)

| This Thursday, January 12, will be a project presentation in the TET group seminar: Presenter: Muhammad Hassan Title: Photonic Crystal Microcavity Language: English Time: 14:30 Room: P1.5.01.4 We welcome everyone to join the talk. Kind regards, ...

Prof. Förstner represents the faculty at the WDR5 Quizmaster night

| On Thursday, November 24th, 2016, Professor Förstner joined the Professor team at the WDR5 quizmaster night to represent the faculty Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics. Some impressions can be found on the WDR5...

Open position (student helper for ESE courses)

| We currently look for a teaching assistant (WHB) on 9.5/week basis for tutoring, correction, script/slide preparation for the ESE courses “Fields & Waves“ as well as “Modelling & Simulation“, see PDF. Application deadline is July 15 (extended), 2016.

TRR Guest Scientist Lecture/Seminar on Friday July 8, 2016 at 11.15 h am

| This Friday July 8, 2016 Ms. Xiaohong Song (College of Science, Shantou University, Swatow, Guandgdong, China) will hold a lecture with the title: "Applications of generalized quantum-trajectory Monte Carlo Method: From Atoms, Molecules to Solids". ...

Project presentations on June 9, 2016

| Am Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016 um 15:00 Uhr werden im Rahmen des Forschungsseminars "Theoretische Elektrotechnik" die Ergebnisse der folgenden studentischen Projektarbeiten aus dem Themenbereich "Computergestützte Simulation mit CST Studio Suite®"...

Collaborative research on photonic crystals published

| In a cooperation with the group of D. As from the Physics department in Paderborn we just published an article on "Fabrication and characterization of two-dimensional cubic AlN photonic crystal membranes containing zincblende GaN quantum dots" in the...


Prof. Dr. Jens Förstner

Theoretische Elektrotechnik (TET)

Jens Förstner
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