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Two international Students at work Foto: Alepker Imanov Show image information

Two international Students at work Foto: Alepker Imanov



Next Informal Meeting "Stammtisch" on Monday 06.03.2017 since last year we are organizing a "Stammtisch". This is a monthly meeting for all members of the department electrical engineering. At this informal meeting you have the possibility to talk in a pleasant atmosphere to fellow students, professors and assistants. We would like to invite you to the next "Stammtisch" of this semester which takes place
next Monday (06.03.2017)
at 7 p.m.
in the "Lötlampe" (Warburgerstraße 37).

We are looking forward to many participants and an enjoyable evening! Please contact the Fachschaft of the electrical engineering department for more information:

The University for the Information Society