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Research news from the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Paderborn


The "backbone" of the whole internet and telephone net consists of optical fibers. For transmission capacity doubling each optical wavelength may carry two signals with mutually orthogonal vibration directions. For the first time, Prof. Noé and his Optical Communication and High-Frequency Engineering group have realized such a polarization division multiplex data transmission system with an automatic optical compensator of polarization mode dispersion, thereby making this technology practical. The system transmits data of two polarization channels with 40Gbit/s each, i.e., together 80Gbit/s or bit per second, over a 212km long optical fiber - much further than otherwise possible. The experiment has been reported on at the European Conference on Optical Communication in Amsterdam as a post-deadline paper.



Press information by the University of Paderborn (in german)

Conference paper (pdf)

Presentation (pdf)

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