Tutor training for engineers

The “Tutor training for electrical engineering“ for the institute of electrical engineering and information technology was planned and introduced for the first time in the winter semester 2012/2013 by the field of teaching technology in cooperation with the central unit of educational innovations and university teaching. In the summer semester 2013, also tutors from the faculty of mechanical engineering joined this training. The next step was in the summer semester 2014 when this seminar was renamed "Tutor training for engineers". In November 2017, the tutor training for engineers was accredited by the network for tutor programs at universities based on defined standards.

Structure and contents

“Tutor training for engineers" is held throughout the semester when tutors may reflect on their activity, exchange on problems with other tutors from engineering sciences and  further develop their teaching skills. This interdisciplinary exchange opens the possibility of various new approaches to solving problems.

Concretely, the following topics will be addressed in the tutor training:

  • presentation
  • moderation: questoning techniques and minimal assistance
  • working with groups
  • my role and I
  • adult learning
  • planning of the tutorial
  • method diversity
  • feedback
  • peer consulting

After successful completion the tutors will receive a university-wide T-Cert as well as a nationally recognized certificate along with 3 ECTS in the general studies part.

Further information

Current information about the event can be found at: https://ei.uni-paderborn.de/en/technikdidaktik/lehre/veranstaltungsuebersicht