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[Translate to English:] Two international Students at work Foto: Alepker Imanov Show image information

[Translate to English:] Two international Students at work Foto: Alepker Imanov


Winter Semester Plenary Meeting

On February 9th, 2017, the plenary of the winter semester 2016/17 took place.

After welcoming the audience Prof. Mertsching, head of the examination board, reported on current developments in the degree program. She described the ongoing accreditation of the master's program. In particular, she explained the changes in the examination regulations. In a second talk Azharuddin Kazi, head of the foreign students organization (Ausländische Studierenden-Vertretung -  ASV), presented the diverse activities of the organization.

The presentations were followed by an intensive discussion. The students wanted to discuss general as well as personal questions regarding the degree program which led to a fruitful exchange of ideas between the students, Prof. Mertsching and Dr. Tünnermann, student councelor of the program.

The next plenary meeting will be at the beginning of the summer semester 2017

<link file:49728>Presentation Prof. Mertsching
<link file:49730>Presentation Mr. Kazi

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