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Why should you specialize in Paderborn in optical communication?

For instance therefore:

Worldwide first realtime synchronous optical quadrature phase shift keying transmission with standard lasers

World record (5.94 Tbit/s, 324 km) of optical C band capacity, valid for distances of at least 40 km (April 2005) or 250 km (as of Sept. 2006)

Worldwide first polarization division multiplex data transmission with automatic compensation of polarization mode dispersion (2x40 Gbit/s, 212 km)

We have developed a method for measurement of optical fiber dispersion where light impulse arrival time changes are measured with an accuracy of 10-16 s (100 attoseconds), at a cost of only about 30 € and with a volume of a few cm3. You will probably find no other attosecond experiment which can be conducted without a laboratory full of expensive equipment.

Measure our patent activity against that of other chairs throughout Germany! About 70% of the patent applications and patents taken into account from Paderborn are from our group.

We coordinate an EU-funded research project and receive therein the highest funding.

We know of no other university research group which like us works on optical data transmission and microelectronic circuit design in synergy. We would be grateful to be informed about such groups.

FAZ, 19.04.2004: Demand for broadband communication increases

(only available in German)

We have open doctoral and post-doctoral positions!


The University for the Information Society