Discrete-Time Signal Processing

Short Intorduction

The lecture "Time-Discrete Signal Processing" gives an introduction to the most basic digital signal processing techniques. Practical examples and applications are key elements of the course.


  • Time-discrete signals: Elementary signals, Even/odd signals, Harmonic exponential function
  • Fourier series of periodical, time-discrete signals: Parseval theorem, Symmetric relation
  • Time-discrete systems: LTI, Impulse response
  • Fourier transformation of time-discrete signals: Sampling theorem
  • Difference equation and z-Transformation
  • FIR and IIR filter design
  • DFT, FFT
  • Cyclic convolution, overlap-add and overlap-save
  • Multi-rate signal processing

Proposed Literature

  • Doblinger, Gerhard: "Zeitdiskrete Signale und Systeme", Eine Einführung in die grundlegenden Methoden der digitalen Signalverarbeitung

General Information

  • Course for Bachelor students
  • ECTS: 6
  • Language: German
  • Semester: Summer semester