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Exam modalities

Exam modalities in the subjects

  • AC Drives
  • Power Electronics
  • Mechatronics and Electrical Drives

The exams are oral, however, a small written exercise has to be done in the first 15 minutes. The exam will be continued with oral questions for a further 30 minutes.


The exam registration in PAUL is mandatory. Please note the due dates for exam registration in PAUL! Without official registration you can not participate in the exam.


For the winter term 2019/20 the following exam dates are available:


Tuesday, 10.12.2019 (only for participants of previous semesters)

Thursday, 16.01.2020

Thursday, 13.02.2020

Thursday, 20.02.2020

Wednesday, 22.04.2020

Wednesday, 13.05.2020

After your registration for the exam in PAUL, please let us know the following information by e-mail to sekretariat(at)lea.upb(dot)de lastest by 02.12.2019


-    The lecture you wish to be examined in

-    The language you wish to use (German or English)

-    The choice of examination period

-    Your student ID


In case of a high number of registrations we will take additional exam dates one day before or after the above-mentioned dates. Please be prepared that the actual exam date may differ by one day from your desire, if necessary. One week before the chosen date, we will let you know the exact day and time. As there exists the possibility to unsubscribe from the exams until one week before, we are not able to set up a binding schedule earlier.


Also note: You are free to choose your exam period, but that choice is binding. We will not accept any period shifting. In case you unsubscribe or if do not show up at the scheduled date, you will only get a new date in the following term.

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