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Job openings

Research Co-Workers / PostDocs

Doctorate students
If you like to apply as a doctorate student, please note that there isn’t any grant from the university you can apply for. You may apply for grants e.g. at organizations like DAAD or AvH.

Student Co-Workers (SHK / WHB /  WHK) / Tutoren
Jobs are offered mainly to students of the University of Paderborn

Please note for any kind of application: List of desired documents

  • Application letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certificates (diploma, bachelor, master, school leavin) incl. credits and scores, alternatively own list of courses finished until now
  • References
  • language skills
  • List of publications, if existing

Submitting the application documents in electronic form, please summarize them in a single PDF file and send it to sekretariat(at)lea.upb(dot)de.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Böcker
University of Paderborn
Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Department of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn



The University for the Information Society