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Power Electronics

Power Electronics Lab with emphasis on Wide-Bandgap applications (Recently upgraded by the ForLab-initiative of BMBF):

  • 3 Regatron Topcon DC Power Supply (Input: 3 x 400 V; Output: 0-32 kW, 0-600 V DC, 0-60 A), in series connection up to 1800 V DC can be provided
  • Various Chroma and Spitzenberger & Spies AC sources (3 kW and 6 kW, 3-phase)
  • Various scopes (500 MHz, 2 GS/s / 1 GHz, 5 GS/s), Arbitary Waveform Generator
  • Mixed-signal-oscilloscope Tektronix MSO 58, 2 GHz, 8 channels
  • High-perf. isolated voltage probes Tektronix IsoVu TIVH08, 800 MHz, 100dB CM rejection
  • Yokogawa WT3000, PZ4000 analysers, Transient recorder 12bit, 40 kHz, 10 MS/s
  • 2 Electronic loads EA 400V / 100 A / 4,8 kW, 2 Electronic loads EA 1500 V / 30 A / 15 kW
  • 4 current transducers 700A, Various current clamps (30 A - 500 A)
  • Precision high-current measuring shunt 200A
  • Advanced double-pulse switching test setup dedicated to GaN-transistor cells
  • Conducted EMI-measurement setup, e.g. Rhode & Schwarz ESPI TestReceiver and Schwarzbeck NNLK 8129 LISN (3-phase)
  • Ferrite milling machine for CNC-manufacturing of application-optimized magnetic cores: imes Compaq 350pro Laser
  • CNC winding machine for precise manufacturing of application-optimized magnetics
  • Precise SMD rework station Ersa Hybrid System HR550
  • High performance IR camera Flir T540
  • Calorimetric chamber for precise efficiency measurements
  • 2 Climatic Test Cabinets CTS CS -70/350-5, -70°C – 180°C, 350l test volume

Electrical Drives

Test bench cabin with two test beds for high power drives:

  • Test bed #1: up to 160 kW, 9000 1/min, 400 Nm
  • Test bed #2: up to 275 kW, 12000 1/min, 510 Nm
  • Mutual DC-link power supply from 10…600 V
  • Dual motor IGBT inverters, up to 1 kA, variable switching frequency up to 14 kHz
  • dSPACE rapid-control-prototyping CPU & FPGA hardware (DS1006, DS1005, DS5203 …)
  • Torque measurement by HBM T10 shaft sensors
  • Full temperature measurement capabilities (sensor & rotor telemetry)
  • Automated air-conditioning of the cabin interior
  • Remotely controllable oil and water motor cooling
  • Power meter Yokogawa WT3000, ZES Zimmer LMG671
  • Different oscilloscopes (Yokogawa DL850, LeCroy HDO8108A,…)

Flexible test benches for automation drives:

  • Different test beds up to 5 kW, 9000 1/min, 30 Nm
  • Multiple synchronous and induction motors available as controlled loads
  • dSPACE MicroLabBox rapid-control-prototyping
  • Semikron Semiteach IGBT inverter supply
  • Torque measurement by Kistler shaft sensors
  • Full temperature measurement capabilities (sensor & rotor telemetry)


Reconfigurable microgrid emulation laboratory:

  • 4 MVA installed power distributed on 16 independent power nodes
  • Each power node is a 250 kVA three-phase, three-level bi-directional inverter
  • Rapid-control-prototyping control of each power node by dSPACE Scalexio (CPUs & FPGAs)
  • 0…400 Hz operation range with hybrid AC/DC capabilities
  • Reconfiguration grid matrix to form flexible sub-grids clustering arbitrary nodes
  • Patch interface to integrate external test devices (e.g. battery systems)
  • Central control room for measurement evaluation and system monitoring
  • Automated laboratory air-conditioning

Further information can be found here!

Software / IT-Infrastructure

We are working with state-of-the-art engineering software such as:

  • Matlab (including a multitude of toolboxes such as Simulink, Simscape, etc.)
  • Ansys Engineering Tools (such as Electronics/Simplorer, Maxwell, Multiphysics, Icepak, etc.)
  • LTspice
  • Wolfram Mathematica
  • dSPACE (ControlDesk, RCP/HIL, AutomationDesk, etc.)
  • Altium Designer
  • SolidWorks
  • Python including a large variety of open source toolboxes

For scientific and engineering computations, high-performance workstations are available:

  • Intel i7-9800X, 128 GB DDR4, 2x GeForce RTX 2060 Super, 2 TB SSD
  • 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4114, 188 GB DDR4, 3x GeForce 1080Ti + 1x GeForce RTX 2080Ti, 8 TB SSD & HDD
  • Access to Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing “OCuLUS” and “Noctua” high-performance computing clusters

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