Winter semester 2022/23

Please note that the course materials will preferably be provided via Panda. In case of doubt, the material in Panda will be more up-to-date than the material you can download from this website.


  • Signals and systems: Time-continuous signals and systems, Fourier transformation, Correlation functions, Time-discrete signals and systems, Sampling theorem, Lowpass and Bandpass signals, Hilbert transformation
  • Analog signal transmission: Amplitude modulation, Angle modulation
  • Random variables and processes: Probability and random experiments, Distribution functions and density functions, Gaussian random variables, Discrete random variables, Expectation values, moments and correlations
  • Digital signal transmission: PAM transmission systems, Impulse shaping, Eye diagram, Matched filter, Symbol error rates
  • Information theory: Entropy, Optimal codes, Huffman codes, Channel capacity of time-discrete channels

Proposed literature

  • E. A. Lee, D. G. Messerschmitt: Digital Communication : Very good overview, many clear examples. The lecture complies with the book in some parts.
  • J. G. Proakis: Digital Communications : A good book.
  • H. D. Lüke: Signalübertragung : Good textbook, detailed description of signals and systems.
  • K. D. Kammeyer: Nachrichtenübertragung
  • C. Shannon: A mathematical theory of communication : The classic papers about modern communications engineering. Always recommendable!

Python Notebooks

Link to Python notebooks:

Bonus exercises

Bonus exercises only available in German.

General Information

  • Course for bachelor students
  • ECTS: 5
  • Language: German
  • Semester: Winter semester