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Video Technology

Short Description

The course “Video Technology” gives an introduction to the basic techniques and theories of taking , processing and reproduction of motion pictures and transmitting them via analogue and digital links. Starting with the basics of scanning necessary bandwidth and standards of intended systems are discussed. Depending on the colour vision system of the human eye science of colour and analogue and digital colour coding are described. Electronic camera systems and modern reproduction sets complements the theory. Digital picture transmission systems combined with data reduction (MPEG) are the main emphasis of modern transmission like DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting). Video tape recording (VTR), optical (DVD) and electrical picture storing systems are described. New 3 dimensional picture taking and viewing will be shown.


  • Basics about seeing, color metrics
  • Frame decomposition and sampling
  • Video signal, engineer standards, basics about color video techniques
  • Opto-electric transformers, digitalization
  • Source coding, methods for frame rate reduction (MPEG)
  • Channel coding and transmission, digital transmission methods (DVB)
  • Receiver, storage techniques
  • Learning Outcomes, Competences

Professional Competence

After attending the course, the students will be able to

  • analyze tasks in the field of basics of picture scannings and to formulate requirements mathematically,
  • describing of picture data reduction systems,
  • declaring picture transmission systems,
  • describing basic principles of color.

The students

  • able to check theoretical results using practical realizations,
  • are able to undertake theoretical approaches a systematic analysis  using methodical procedures and
  • are, due to the precise treatment of the contents, in a position to continue their learning themselves.


  • Lectures using the blackboard and presentations,
  • Alternating theoretical and practical exercise classes with blackboard,
  • Demonstration of real technical systems in the lecture hall.

General Information

  • Course for bachelor / master students
  • ECTS: 6
  • Language: German

The University for the Information Society